Colin Kapernick to release new memoir via Kaepernick Publishing


Former Niners quarterback turned activist has announced the release of a new memoir through his self-started publishing company.

Kaepernick Publishing was founded almost 2 years ago back in February of 2019. He has given many writers of colour a chance to shine. The new memoir will be the first collaboration with famous audio book company, Audible.

The venture began as a way to help shine light on the everyday struggles of black people and people of colour, throughout the world and across America alike. It gives writers of colour a chance to express themselves and their stories.


The memoir is yet to be titled but according to Kaepernick it will cover his personal experiences revolving systematic oppression and dehuminization, and examine how the people who control the narrative can shape the reality on how the world views society, with a focus on counteracting the perception on black peoples historical perception.

In regards to the topic of narrative, Kaepernick has stated “It controls who’s loved, who’s hated, who’s degraded and who’s celebrated.”

Chris Trapasso – Getty Images

Outside of the his new profession Kaepernick has still been trying to getting back in the NFL.

His talent on the field may not be what it once was . However, he has found his new calling in using voice and power to stand up for those who can’t. This may reap more satisfaction than playing back on the pitch.

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