Why the Warriors should select James Wiseman if they wish to sneak back into title contention


In a draft class that is being touted as one of the most underwhelming in recent memory, it leaves a lot of confusion surrounding the top picks. Could it be Anthony Edwards? LaMelo Ball? James Wiseman?

Numerous rumors have been in the air regarding each of these players. All of them have upside but they also come with lot’s of concern which has created an huge sense of unpredictability.

The Timberwolves have been reportedly adamant on trading the 1st overall pick for immediate help to make a playoff push despite Karl Anthony-Towns and D’Angelo Russell being relatively inexperienced. A class T-Wolves move.


The Warriors and Bob Myers have been playing 4D chess by sending out conflicting reports on all the top picks leaving their selection in the air as well. However if their is one player that the Warriors truly need and are likely watching it’s Wiseman.

During Durant’s tenure with the Dubs they implemented a small ball lineup featuring both himself and Draymond Green as the undersized big men. This lineup along with the shooting touch of Steph Curry revolutionized the game to a point like never before.

However this was not the same play style used in their first run back in 2015. Although the shooting was still a prominent focus of the offense they were still playing with a relatively normal roster with Harrison Barnes, Draymond and Andrew Bogut at the 3, 4 and 5 spots respectively.

That’s why Wiseman should be their top pick and likely will.

They can’t replace KD and Draymond’s age and poor form last season left doubts on his ability to still be the defensive anchor he once was.

James Wiseman can fulfill that hole perfectly. Assuming they don’t trade Wiggins they will have a healthy backcourt of Curry and Klay to carry the offense while Wiggins, Draymond and Wiseman can make up the front court.

Wiseman can’t make a shot outside 6 feet, although he does have solid form. He is however an elite pick and roll threat to pair with Curry and he has shown hustle and tenacity on the boards.

He is almost a carbon copy to Andrew Bogut who also was a 1st overall pick back in 2005. The only difference is that Wiseman is younger and more athletic than Bogut was during his time with the Warriors. Along with the elite player development staff and Draymond Green as a mentor, Wiseman can be molded into a perennial all-defense candidate which can sustain the Dubs’ title hopes in the short-term and playoff hopes in the long-term.

This draft is filled with solid role players with no clear cut choice to be a superstar in the years to come. Essentially for most teams that tanked or underperformed, they won’t be getting a franchise transformational piece. For teams looking for immediate help, this is the rare case of a draft being suited for them.

With Curry, Klay and Draymond aging and battling injuries, the Warriors title days may be over, the dynasty being dead. However selecting James Wiseman gives Golden State the best chance to make it back to the promise land for the 2020-2021 NBA season.

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