Travis Kelce fined for unsportsmanlike conduct after celebration against Jets


In a week 8 matchup between the Chiefs and the Jets, tight end Travis Kelce received a $12,500 fine for a post-touchdown celebration.

After catching a touchdown late in the 2nd quarter, Kelce performed a dunk over the goalpost. The all-pro tight end received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for the play.

The reason for the restricting of this celebration was due to a similar play from former Saints tight end Jimmy Graham back in 2013 when he misaligned the goalpost, caused by the force of his dunk, inadvertently delaying the game in the process.


Teammate and Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill jumped into the stands after his touchdown earlier in the 1st quarter of the game which violated social distancing protocols that the league had set to restrict player and fan interaction.

Despite this, Hill did not receive a fine even though his offence was arguably more harmful in respect of the rules violations.

Not only does the nitpicking of enthusiastic reactions ruin the energy of the game, but the lack of consistency in calls damages the already weak reputation of NFL referees.

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