NFL Slam Raiders For COVID-19 Violations


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The NFL launched an investigation against the Raiders two weeks ago due to offensive linemen Trent Brown’s positive test. The conclusion was another hammer down on the NFL’s protocol.

The NFL has made it clear to all NFL organizations that the protocol for coronavirus is very serious, and if the protocol is taken carelessly, the league could face serious implications during the regular season and playoffs.

After several coaches decided against wearing a mask, the NFL handed out several fines. Showing how serious the teams need to take the protocol.

Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden before the start of an NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Oakland, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019. (AP Photo/D. Ross Cameron)
D. Ross Cameron – Associated Press

During the investigation, the NFL found video evidence that included several players not wearing masks or face shields and not abiding by social distancing on the sidelines.

The investigation also found that linemen Trent Brown removed an electronic contact tracing device. All players are required to wear it to decrease the spread of the virus.

The NFL fined the Raiders organization $500,000, along with coach Jon Gruden mounting a $150,000 fine.

The punishment also includes a removed sixth-round pick for the protocol violations.

The Las Vegas Raiders are now the first team to have been disciplined for violation of COVID-19 protocols with the loss of a draft pick.

This is the fourth incident in which a franchise has incurred a fine. The Raiders leading the league now having been penalized over $1 million total for coronavirus-related infractions.

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