Diego Maradona Goes Through Brain Surgery


Argentinian football legend, Diego Maradona went through emergency surgery after doctors found internal bleeding in his brain. After further examination it was determined that Maradona suffered with blood clotting.

His surgery took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina after he checked into Ipensa Clinic after feeling extreme dehydration and depression and hours before the surgery, fans gathered around Olvino’s clinic to show their support to perhaps Argentina’s most beloved athlete behind Lionel Messi.

Maradona’s surgery went extremely well and he is currently recovering from his surgery. The neurosurgeon that operated on the brain of the former footballer, Leopoldo Luque spoke to ESPN after the surgery, saying “I was able to evacuate the hematoma successfully and Diego tolerated the surgery very well.”


Football fans worldwide were gifted with a sigh of relief after this scary situation, and it is safe to say that Diego Maradona will be okay.

Carlo Fumagalli, File Photo
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