Ravens to Sign Dez Bryant


After countless rumours of signing free agent Antonio Brown, the Ravens have decided to add WR Dez Bryant instead. The team seemed destined to make a move for a receiver, with a lack of talent behind Marquise Brown.

Dez offers the Ravens something very different. With him they get a big wr, and a red zone threat alongside Mark Andrews. Despite being past his prime, this move will help the offense.

Bryant will need to pass a medical, and will go to the Ravens practice squad once he does sign, but expect him to quickly make the team. Dez is less of a distraction than AB would have been, and is still ready to make an impact, and finally gets his opportunity.


The Ravens offense was already multi-dimensional before this move. Lamar and their 3-headed monster at RB create problems for every defense. Now, they add a 3rd dangerous weapon through the air after Brown and Andrews, which will help Baltimore in higher scoring games.

Their defense has become even better after adding Ngakoue today as well. Baltimore is a serious threat in the AFC, and is only getting better. Despite never beating KC in the Lamar Jackson era, the Ravens may currently be the favorite in the AFC with their recent moves.

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