Bucks May Target Victor Oladipo This Offseason


The Milwaukee Bucks are going into panic mode.

The Bucks have now failed to bring an all-star caliber Giannis to the NBA Finals for two seasons in a row.

What’s worse is that they were dismantled in 5 games in the second-round to the Miami Heat.


The Bucks are well aware that Giannis is entering a contract year, and what will probably happen if they fail to make the Finals again next year.

Because of this, the Bucks took a look at their weakest link: Shooting Guard.

Wesley Matthews is by no means a bad player, but he is not starting-caliber for a championship team. This has led to rumors that the Bucks are going to target Victor Oladipo via trade, as per Zach Lowe.

Oladipo missed most of the 2020 season with a leg injury, but in his 19 games, he averaged 14.5 points on 39.4% shooting.

Along with that, Oladipo and the Pacers seem to be further distancing from each other as they can’t agree on a contract extension, so the Pacers may want to cut their losses and the Bucks could by the 2018 Most Improved Player for cheap.

Even if his offense never gets back to that 2018 level, he is still a terrific defender who may be just what they need to get Giannis over the hump.

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