Anonymous NBA Agent Blasts NBA’s Support of Black Lives Matter


As many know, The NBA has the utmost support for the organization known as Black Lives Matter.

Although the words Black Lives Matter are not at all in argument, the organization that the NBA supports has drawn controversy as many race riots have taken place in America.

Despite the controversy, LeBron and the NBA decided to fully embrace the organization, putting their logo on the court, allowing social justice messages on their jerseys, and having countless racial justice commericals.


This NBA Agent, who stayed anonymous for obvious reasons, ripped the NBA for this decision.

“They initially did a great job by putting the bubble together and they completely s— the bed with all this nonsense. They really hurt the business. … All of this Black Lives Matter stuff. … I think that the players are being manipulated into something that they don’t really understand and I think it’s a horrible look for the league and they need to be very clear about the organization, what they stand for. … If that’s what the NBA wants to align with, they’re really hurting themselves. … They’re not helping the players, they’re hurting the sport. When the ratings are down 30%, who are you helping?”

This was in response to the question: “Thoughts on how the NBA handled the bubble/Covid-19

The anonymous agent never said the they themselves didn’t support Black Lives Matter, only that it hurt their brand, and there is some truth to that.

The NBA bubble had absolutely horrible ratings, with the NBA Finals being no match for any regular season football game on, having their ratings more than doubled when the two leagues conflicted.

More evidence that the support of Black Lives Matter hurt the NBA’s ratings came in the form of Jonathan Isaac’s jersey. When Isaac stood for the anthem, his jersey nearly sold out instantly, showing that there was a good number of fans who did not support the organization.

The NBA had obviously realized this much earlier because Adam Silver announced that they will be retracting their social justice statements for next season.

There is no true way to know if Black Lives Matter was one of the primary reasons for the drop in ratings, but we will find out next season.

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