The Bengals Could Lose Star Receiver A.J. Green


If you’re looking for an example of an elite football squad, the Cincinnati Bengals are not the right place to look. The franchise has not won a playoff game in over 30 years, last beating the now defunct Houston Oilers.

They have had redeeming moments and players throughout the decades, one of which is star receiver A.J. Green.

Green has been named to 7 Pro Bowls as well as 3 All-Pro 2nd-teams during his tenure with the Bengals. Despite the Bengals losing all 4 of their playoff appearances in the decade, A.J. Green has given Cincinnati fans many exciting Sunday nights to remember.


After drafting the star national champion from LSU, Joe Burrow, many predicted A.J Green to be a top receiver with the young talented QB to throw deep to him.

According to ESPN’s, Jeremy Fowler, Green may be leaving the Bengals soon. Fowler said that there are “serious talk” about trading Green. The team was in apparent trade talks to deal the receiver out before Green has his monster game against the Colts.

The downside to trading Green would be stripping Joe Burrow of a wideout would aide his development. The upside would be that Green gets a fresh start and the Bengals would surely get quality picks in return for the future Hall of Famer.

After a long and successful tenure with the Bengals it may be the best time for both parties to part ways. Green will get a chance to compete on a contender and the Bengals will get to rebuild with younger talent to surround Burrow.

Wherever A.J Green ends up, it’s no doubt that he left his mark on Cincinnati Bengals football for years to come.

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