Mike Vrabel Helps Titans Secure Win Over Texans


The Tennessee Titans defeated the Houston Texans, 42-36 in thrilling fashion, but a head coach made a genius move late in the game to alter the result.

As fans were tuning into one of the best games of the NFL season so far, Titans coach, Mike Vrabel, was scheming a way to get his team the division win, as time was ticking off the clock late in the fourth quarter.

Vrabel proved to be the difference between winning and losing on Sunday, as he used an NFL rules loophole to give his team a little extra time, as the game was appearing to slip away.


With the Titans on defense on the field and trailing by a point with 3:05 left, Vrabel intentionally sent one too many players on the field, saving the Titans up to around 40 seconds on the game clock.

Vrabel then did his best Academy Award act, acting as if he made a terrible mistake, misleading everyone of his true intention.

It seemed that Vrabel wasn’t too concerned with the points the Titans were going to give up to the Texans, but the time his offense had to even the score.

With the Texans missing the 2-point conversion, Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry stomped their way into the end zone to send the game into overtime, and eventually win the game.

Vrabel has proved himself as a top tier head coach in the NFL, as he sits at 5-0 a season after almost making it to the Super Bowl.

The Texans sink to 1-5 on the season, and look to make a more competitive effort within the division moving forward.

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