NBA2K21 to have ads in loading screens


Video games have been one of the most recent getaways from the worldwide pandemic, with NBA fans across the globe suiting up as their favorite team in NBA 2K. NBA2K21 will have unskippable ads in your loading screens.

2K recently installed adverts in the recent game, NBA 2K21, which was released in September of this year.

The noise around the adjustment is the ads are not able to be skipped, such as legendary commentator, David Aldridge, who is known to be skipped during his pregame preview by most 2K users.


It’s now known you cannot change your team’s lineup until the advertisement has fully ran its course, frustrating 2K fans even more.


The adverts hit the game a month after launch on PC and current-gen consoles, and ahead of the planned PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X release, which is now set for November 10th.

Ironically, 2K pulled a similar trick with a different game in 2019.

UFC 4 was also introduced to its own adverts, another move that was criticised heavily by 2K users.


Several fans of 2K have posted their frustration online, ultimately ruling that 2K already makes a ton of money with the game purchase itself, and now they will continue to make money off its buyers, as players use the game.

Some call 2K a monopoly because of how outrageous the games truly are, as most games have little to no improvement, and only end up with updated rosters and small fixes.

2K is now facing serious backlash after inputting the ads after the release date, leaving customers feeling upset with the company.

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