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The NFL is entering week five of the season, and the trade deadline is beginning to inch closer and closer to the final trade day, November 3rd.

There are elite talents available this year, as some players don’t fit a particular system, or they are unhappy with their playing time, or it’s simply time for the team and the player to move in a separate direction.

Here are the top five available players available for this seasons NFL trade deadline.


5. QB: Dwayne Haskins,Washington Football Team

Dwayne Haskins has recently been benched by the Washington Football Team, resulting in him requesting a trade. Only 23, Haskins has a lot of room to improve, but in the right system he could potentially be a franchise quarterback. I see him taking a backup role under an aging QB.

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Landing Spots : Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts.

4. RB: David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals

After a brutal 0-4 start to the season, the Houston Texans fired their head coach and general manager, and could be looking to cover up some of the wounds Bill O’Brien inflicted on the organization, starting with the 28 year old running back. If a running back hungry playoff team comes calling, don’t be surprised to be Johnson and his $39M contract shipped elsewhere.

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Landing Spots : New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo Bills.

3. WR: A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals

A.J. Green was a monster before becoming injury plagued, respected as one of the top receivers the NFL has to offer. Now healthy, Green has not been utilized well with newly drafted QB, Joe Burrow. Green was seen on camera with some believing he worded, “If you’re not going to use me, trade me.” Powerful words, something to keep a close eye on in the next couple of weeks.

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2. Edge: Ryan Kerrigan, Washington Football Team

Washington is obviously in a rebuild phase, with the benching of their old franchise quarterback. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to hold onto the old pass rusher, even with Kerrigan playing at a high level. With the young front Washington already provides, expect the edge rusher to be moved as the value Kerrigan holds now will be higher than tomorrow.

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1. QB: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Dan Quinn has officially been dropped by the Atlanta Falcons, and owner Arthur Blank made it clear he will not commit to Matt Ryan as the future of the franchise. Ryan could easily not be moved this season, but if a offer strikes the Falcons front office, it would be one of the biggest trades we’ve seen in recent history.

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Landing Spots: Washington Football Team, Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears.

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