Tom Brady forgets what down it is late in 4th Quarter


Tom Brady is one of the most clutch quarterbacks of all time if you look at the statistics. 46 game winning drives is a pretty impeccable stat but the question has always been was the success due to Brady’s skill and knowledge, or Bill Belichicks game management skills.

In the final drive in the 4th quarter of tonight’s loss to the bears, Brady forgot which down it was and forced an errant pass to Cameron Brate which forced a turnover on downs. Brady has been known for his clutch trait throughout his career, but a rare mistake lost the game for the bucs tonight and fans must be questioning how one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time ended up completely botching that play.

There will never be a clear answer for who was responsible for the success in New England, but for however Brady and Bill are in the league together they will be compared to each other. And tonight’s plunder by Brady May point to that some of the success was due to Bills game management and his ability to keep Tom in check. Tom still played well throughout the game and so far this season but, stuff like this will be fun to compare.


Photo credit- NFL Network

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