Lebron James is arguably the best player of all time. Many basketball players could only dream of being compared to Lebron. That is not the case with Simmons, it is reality. Stephen A. Smith believes that if Simmons can develop a jumpshot, then he has the capability of reaching Lebron’s level.

If Ben Simmons ever develops any kind of jump shot whatsoever, he is LeBron James 2.0” said Steven A. “Whatever way you want to put it, he’s the second coming. He is that lethal. If you look at his all-around skillset, along with his size being 6′ 9″, 6′ 10″ with his ball-handling and his passing ability and basketball IQ, and defensive prowess. If Ben Simmons develops a jump shot, he will be the second coming of LeBron James. If he does not, he’ll be Ben Simmons”.

Ben Simmons has never been able to shoot the three ball well. Simmons tends to never shoot the ball and only attempts a few threes per season. With elite size and driving ability. Stephen A. believes that Simmons can be the next Lebron if he can develop his jumpshot.


By Kamran Nia

Sports Analyst and Writer