Antonio Brown’s lawyer withdraws from representing him, only one day prior to evidence deadline


It has been a while since we have heard from the infamous Antonio Brown. But after a brief break from the limelight Brown is once again in the news, and as usual it’s not good. Antonio’s lawyer, Carson Hancock, decided to drop Brown as a client only one night before Brown was due to submit evidence regarding the case. Now Brown must scramble to find new representation and also submit evidence which may, or may not prove him guilty. 

Hancock was hired to defend Brown in a civil case where Brown was accused of sexually assaulting Britney Taylor. Hancock cites “irreconcilable differences” as the reason he can no longer work with Brown and given Brown’s volatile personality this comes as no surprise. Throughout his legal battles Brown has had his fair share of attorneys that decided they no longer want to work with him. Maybe Mr.Hancock noticed that Brown’s first attorney, Darren Heitner, dropped him because Brown failed to pay a large balance owed to Heitner. Having a bad track record with lawyers is one way to end up having problems finding good ones, and Brown may be out of luck now as he’s looking for his fifth attorney.

Brown still has aspirations to come back to the NFL and there is no doubt that the talent is there for it. However if he can’t get past his legal troubles he may never find his way back. Brown has been accused of everything from Burglary to sexual assault to even endangering his own kids, with a track record like that it may be impossible to even get a look in the NFL no matter how talented Brown is. It will be interesting to see where Brown goes from here, but regardless he will have an uphill battle first clearing his legal trouble, then trying to find his way back into the NFL.


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