Anthony Edwards’ Stock may be Going Down According to Scouts


The NBA draft combine has officially began a couple days ago with many of the top available prospects joining in on Zoom interviews. While that has been brewing, potential top pick Anthony Edwards as drawn some skepticism from teams at the top.

According to Jonathon Wassurman, many teams have been questioning Edwards’ ‘drive and Enthusiasm for winning.’

“Dion Waiters has been used by skeptics as a comparison or low-end outcome for Edwards, an inefficient scorer at Georgia whose Bulldogs finished 13 of 14 teams in the SEC.”


Dion Waiters was the 4th overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers, he was pure volume scorer with a lot of overall upside coming in, similar to Edwards. Waiters never met his potential as a player and a lot of that was because of intangibles issues.

Another player that Edwards has been compared to us Andrew Wiggins, both are incredibly gifted athletes with elite explosion and scoring upside but have been questioned for their commitment to win games.

After the lottery transpired, Edwards became the favorite to be the first pick by many because the Timberwolves won the lottery, who traded for star point guard D’Angelo Russell before the trade deadline.

Despite many analysts thinking Edwards fits Minnesota seamlessly because they could use a dynamic wing, it has been reported the by Wassurman the Timberwolves would likely take Lamelo Ball if they don’t trade the first pick. The Warriors also aren’t expected to take Edwards for the reasons mentioned in this article, even if he is still there.

Could these reports about the disinterest from Minnesota and Golden State in Edwards? Absolutely. But these concerns have been there with Edwards since his underwhelming season at Georgia.

If it’s indeed true the Warriors and Timberwolves probably wouldn’t take him if they keep their picks, the Hornets could be in a great position to draft who many believe is the #1 prospect in this class. Another team like Atlanta could also be winners if Edwards falls to 3 because it gives them a chance to trade up a few spots and grab the hometown kid the pair with Trae in the back court.

The draft process is a time of smokescreens, as we approach draft day, we will learn more about what these teams at the top are truly targeting with their draft selection.

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