NFL legend Joe Montana Saves His Grandchild From Kindnapper


The 4 time Super Bowl champion and 3 time Super Bowl MVP, Joe Montana, has shown how super he really is. It was reported that Montana’s grandchild was taken by a woman on Saturday but was luckily saved by Joe and Jennifer Montana before the kidnapper got away or any harm came to the child.

Joe Montana saves grandchild from alleged kidnapper inside Malibu home,  reports say
Shareif Ziyadat | Credit: WireImage

Joe Montana and his wife, Jennifer Montana, were staying at a house with their grandchild in Malibu, California, when a woman walked in through an unlocked door. The woman took the baby and walked to another part of the house where she was then confronted by the couple. Both Joe and Jennifer Montana jumped into action and wrestled the baby away from the woman and saved their grandchild from a possible kidnapping.

Luckily, the Los Angeles county Sheriff’s deputies were near by and were able to apprehend the woman. She is now charged with burglary and kidnapping charges.

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