Former NFL Player Believes That Odell Should be Traded to the Patriots


Cover Image Credit: Nick Cammett / Diamond Images

There were many rumors about Odell being traded before the season, however those rumors have died down recently. One former NFL linebacker still believes Odell should be traded.

Channing Crowder, former NFL linebacker and personality on I am Athlete, said that Odell should be traded to New England.


17:40 is when Crowder talks about Odell.

Crowder said about Odell that “All his problems are brought on by himself. All of his issues, why he gets traded. Why he got traded from the Giants, and why he’s about to get traded from the Browns is on him. 100% on Odell’s personality”.

Crowder talked more about Odell: “We saw the pictures with the coke on the bed with the girl … and the doo-doo baby. … Chad (Ocho Cinco) you ain’t do nothing like that”.

Crowder also said that he likes Odell’s talent, but just believes he needs more structure: “They’re going to trade Odell Beckham, hopefully to New England where he can get some structure”.

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