An NFL Team is Under Investigation for “Unauthorized Locker Room Access”


Cover Image Credit: Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports

NFL teams received a memo reminding them of COVID-19 protocols. The memo included added emphasis on face coverings and the NFL’s intention to impose penalties on people / teams who do not follow the rules. Last week the NFL fined multiple coaches for failure to wear their masks.

According to Tom Pelliroso, the memo said that “all individuals, except for active players in the bench area, are required to wear face coverings at all times on game day, including on the sidelines and in the coaches’booth,” the memo read in part, per Pelissero. It was also noted that “players who are not substituting into the game are strongly encouraged to wear masks on the sidelines, except for games played in stadiums with state or local regulations that make the wearing of masks mandatory.”


The memo also said that an unnamed team is “under investigation for unauthorized locker room access”. Currently, only 40 people from six categories along with ownership are allowed in the locker room.

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