Pac-12 Football to Start Season November 6


Pac-12 football is set to start November Sixth. On Thursday, the presidents and chancellors approved a restart for the football season ending a six-month shutdown.

The Pac-12 was the last “Power Five” conference to announce a restart to their season so the news was expected.

There will be no fans at the games and the schedule will be released next week.


Each team will play seven total games. Each team will play five divisional matchups, one inter-division matchup during the regular season, and one inter-division matchup during the same weekend as the conference championship.

Although the Pac-12 teams will be playing in a shortened season, teams from the Pac-12 are still all eligible for the College Football Playoff.

In addition to the restart of football, the presidents and chancellors of the Pac-12 decided to remove the postponement of the Pac-12 basketball season.

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