Andre Iguodala on the Verge of 6th Consecutive Finals Appearance


After the Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics 112-109 in game 4 this past Wednesday, key defensive small forward Andre Iguodala is now one win away from his 6th consecutive finals appearance.

He has played the last five as a member of the Golden State Warriors where he was a star off the bench, being named to the NBA All-Defensive 1st team in 2014 and winning the 2015 Finals MVP.

This year’s trip will mean more for Iguodala as the Heat have had to battle being labeled as underdogs compared to being the yearly title-favorites on the Warriors. They have shed this label time and time again these playoffs as they defeated the 4th seed Pacers in a sweep, took down the reigning MVP Giannis led Bucks in 5 and are on the cusp of eliminating the Boston Celtics in 5 this Friday night.


He will be the 10th player to achieve this feat of 6 or more trips outside of his former NBA finals opponents LeBron James and James Jones along with 8 players from the 60s Celtics.

Since joining the Heat, Iguodala has taken a step back statistically because of his age and a decreased role due to the depth at Miami’s wings featuring Herro, Crowder, Robinson and Jimmy Butler.

Despite this, the former all-star has provided leadership, toughness and elite perimeter defense, which has made him a focal point of a likely finals-bound Miami Heat team.

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