NFL Fines 3 Coaches, Teams for Face Mask Violations


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The NFL has had an interesting offseason, as there was no OTA’s or preseason due to the worldwide pandemic amid the coronavirus outbreak.

After watching the NBA shut down their season, the NFL was determined to hammer down on protocol for the virus, and keep all players and personal safe and healthy.


The NFL issued several rules to minimize the spread of the virus, considering these players are traveling, unlike the NBA where the teams play in a bubble.


The rules include fines for players and coaches if they are considered “reckless” with their mask. They also ask players to wear masks on the sideline once they’re off the field, but it is not mandatory.

Three coaches were fined $100,000 due to their lack of protection including Pete Carroll, Kyle Shanahan, and Vic Vangio.

The NFL additionally fined each of the teams the coaches belong to $250,000.

More fines could be coming to several other coaches who violated the league’s rules requiring coaches to wear coverings over their mouths and noses at all times.

As stated before, the players are exempt from these protocols.

The hefty fines come a week after the NFL warned all 32 teams in a memo about following the rules to reduce a virus outbreak.

All coaches, personnel, and fans must wear a face covering during the coronavirus pandemic if the NFL season wants to continue.

If the fines prove ineffective, the league has stated they will not hesitate to hand out stronger discipline.

Do not be surprised to see more coaches and teams fined in the upcoming days.

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