21 January 2021



Kawhi Leonard Told Raptors They Were ‘Not Good Enough’ To Repeat

   According to reports, 2019 Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard told the Toronto Raptors that they were not good enough to repeat when he met with the team last summer. Aside from the goal of winning a championship, he had been trying to become a Clipper to come back home, as he had been born and raised in Southern California. Leonard has always been a winner, having two Finals MVPs under his belt, but clearly was proven wrong on this statement. After losing in the second round with the Clippers this year, fans speculate that Leonard regrets his decision.


    As for the Raptors, they also had a second round exit this year. Head coach Nick Nurse won 2020 Coach of the Year for bringing them on top of the east with the 2nd seed. This was a surprise, as they were expected to crumble without Leonard this year. The exact opposite happened as the entire team stepped up their game under their excellent coach.

With the Raptors having maybe even a better season than last year, it raises the question that had Kawhi stayed with them would they repeat? His situation will go down as another “what if” in NBA history, where fans can only imagine the outcome of Kawhi staying in Toronto.

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