Tyler Herro: Worthy of All-Rookie First Team?


The All-NBA Rookie Teams were announced, and it seemed as though the league managed to include every player, deserved of the honour, on both teams.

Above are the 10 players selected for the 2 honoured All-NBA Rookie teams.

I believe that the players selected were the correct decision, but there should be some players on the first Team rather than the second team. Now, we will look at one who should have made the First Team due to their stats, contribution to the team, and overall team performance. This player would have to replace someone already on the First Team, and his case will also be discussed.


Let’s look at how Tyler Herro was snubbed off the All-NBA Rookie First Team:

The Case For Tyler Herro

Miami Heat: Tyler Herro is playing his way into a starting role
via Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

Tyler Herro was Miami’s young bright spot off the bench this season. The rookie blew expectations and cemented himself as one of the top rookies from his draft class.

He played with a maturity few rookies have and had a swagger that no other rookie could match. His ability to come up big in crunch time enabled the Heat to draw up better plays and cause defensive nightmares for opponents.

The 6-foot-5 combo-guard averaged 13.5 points in 55 games during the season while only starting 8 of those games. He is a key piece of Miami’s present and future, capable of wreaking havoc, at times, on the offensive end of the floor.

He improved his passing ability over the season as well, showing that this clearly isn’t his ceiling.

Herro proved in the season that he deserved to be named a Top-Five rookie this year based on his impact to the team as well as the level of his play.

The Case Against Zion Williamson

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Minnesota Timberwolves
via Jeffrey Becker / USA TODAY Sports

Zion Williamson is a star in this league and will be in many years to come, but he did not play enough this year to deserve a spot on the First Team this year.

Williamson’s stats, performance, and impact were undoubtedly through the roof. Zion is the reason the Pelicans even made the trip down to Orlando to the bubble. But, he didn’t play enough games.

He played only 24 games in the regular-season this season with 5 of those games coming in Orlando (bubble games were not factored in the decision of these selections). He makes the team as the player to have the fewest played games in a season and make the All-NBA Rookie Team.

Yes, he averaged 22.1 points in those games, but it isn’t enough of a sample size to make the decision of naming him to the First Team. He’s an incredible player and will be in the future as well, but this season was cut way too short for him to deserve this spot.

Tyler Herro was a consistent threat all season. He played more than double the games of Zion.

Herro deserves to take the spot over Zion, not because of his stats but the fact he played more than 50% of the season.

Both had great seasons, but Herro deserves the edge.

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