Budda Baker receives message with racial slurs from supposed ‘Fan’


Hate. It’s common in this world sadly, most people experience it one way or another throughout life. Athletes receive hate more than the average person because they are in the limelight and people believe they deserve to have an opinion on what they do. 

Criticizing how a player plays a game is fine as long as you keep it respectable, sports analysts criticize athletes for a living, but they do it respectfully. Racism and hate speech is something that no person should have to deal with, athletes are no different. When you attack an athlete with racial slurs for something they did during the game:  A. You probably have never played sports as most things stay on the field, and B. You have hate in your heart that needs serious evaluation. 

Budda Baker received a disturbing and racist flood of messages from an angered fan who took exception to a hit from Budda that, in the fans opinion went after the knees of a 49ers player. Hateful people like this have no place in this world. Budda, even if he was going for a player’s knees which I doubt was his intent, is a person before a football player, with a heart and mind just like everyone else, and no person deserves to have to deal with racism. 


Football and sports in general is about unity, you are one as a team it doesn’t matter what race you are, you are united. People who have played a sport before know that hate like this is intolerable as you have to accept your teammates no matter who they are on the outside. Maybe, if everyone had the mindset of an athlete there wouldn’t be so much hate in this world.

The San Francisco 49’ers have apologized on behalf of the football community for this ‘fans’ unacceptable actions.

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