WWE NXT Results – 9/1/20


Featured Image Credit: Creator: Marc Pfitzenreuter | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2018 Marc Pfitzenreuter

Street Fight – Breezango (c) and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Legado del Fantasma

Legado del Fantasma started off fast but both teams went back and forth throughout the match. With plenty of weapons involved, including chairs and a fire extinguisher, giving us plenty of action. The former NXT champions, Imperium, try to help Legado del Fantasma but the faces use a forklift to take everyone out. Finally, Scott hits a JML Driver to the NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Santos Escobar. Scott goes for the cover and picks up the much needed win. Breezango and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott win via. pinfall – Grade B


Kacy Catanzaro vs. Candice LaRae

Despite being the underdog, Catanzaro held her own. She used her speed to keep LaRae down for a little bit, but it wasn’t enough. LaRae locks in a surfboard submission and stomps Catanzaro’s head into the mat. Larae pins Catanzaro for the win. After the match, LeRae invites her former friend, Tegan Nox, to her house to talk things out. Candice LaRae wins via. pinfall – Grade C+

Bronson Reed vs. Timothy Thatcher

Reed completely dominated Thatcher from the start. Eventually, Thatcher is outside of the ring and Reed dives through the ropes and takes Thatcher out. Reed throws his opponent back into the ring, but Austin Theory gets involved. Theory attacks Reed and throws him back inside the ring. Thatcher than locks in the armbar. Reed finds a way to get out of it, but doesn’t have enough strength to do anything. Thatcher locks in the Fujiwara armbar and Reed is forced to tap out. Timothy Thatcher wins via. submission – Grade C

60-minute Iron Man Match for the NXT Championship – Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole vs. Finn Bálor vs. Tommaso Ciampa

The main event has now started as it is a 60-minute Iron Man Match for the NXT Championship. The match consists of four of the best NXT wrestlers of all-time. Whoever has the most falls by the end of the 60 minute time limit will be the new NXT Champion. The first part of the match sees all four wrestlers taking out one another. It takes a little bit, in fact almost half the match, for the first wrestler to pick up a fall. Finn Bálor hits Cole with a Coup de Grace making the score 1-0-0-0. Ciampa then starts to gain some momentum and looks to pick up a fall with a Fairytale Ending to Bálor. However, Gargano gets in the way and picks up the fall himself. Bálor and Gargano are now tied. Eventually, Cole connects with a Panama Sunrise and pins Gargano. The score is now 1-1-1-0, with Ciampa the only one left to pin someone. Ciampa does find a way to get the one fall by hitting another Fairytale Ending, this time to Cole. We are now even. With under a minute left in the match Ciampa looks to put Gargano away, but Bálor lands a Coup de Grace and pins Ciampa. He now leads with time running down. However, Cole connects with a Last Shot, and pins Bálor as time runs out. The match has ended with Bálor and Cole both finishing with two falls. William Regal comes out and announces that the two men will compete in a match, next Tuesday, to decide the new NXT Champion. Finn Bálor and Adam Cole both finish with two falls each – Grade B+

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