Is Gregg Popovich Leaving the Spurs?

Gregg Popovich’s time with the San Antonio Spurs may be coming to a close. The Spurs’ 22-year playoff streak was finished this year and it’s clear Gregg has done all he can do for the franchise.

Rumors sparked that he may leave San Antonio because he has put his house for sale.


Although he isn’t going to the Nets, as Steve Nash got that job, teams like the Pacers and 76ers are both great options for a veteran coach to try to get one last championship.


Despite his house going up for up for sale, the Spurs CEO said that he is “under the assumption” that Popovich will be staying.

Popovich has been with the Spurs for 24 years and it’s hard to imagine him coaching any other team, but this is the era of crazy offseasons with players going places we never would’ve guessed, so don’t rule anything out.

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