Marcus Morris and Luka Doncic fined after actions in game 6


Both Marcus Morris and Luka Doncic have been fined for actions that took place in game six of the first round series between the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers.

During game five of this heated first round matchup, a video surfaced of Morris allegedly stepping on Doncic’s bad ankle on purpose. After Doncic let the video be held up for interpretation by the fans in his post game interview, Morris went straight to twitter to set things straight.

“I play this game with a level of respect for myself and other players. To think I would try to injure somebody is crazy to me. 10 years going against the best. I stand on morals and hard work. I compete and leave it out there every game.”

Morris’s tweet after game five.

With the series marked at 3-2 in favor of the Clippers, there was no doubt that game six was going to be a chippy one.


Late in the first quarter, Doncic drove into the lane, looking for a lay-up. Of course Morris was in the paint at this exact time and fouled him, but he added something a little extra. He smacked the ball and Doncic’s face in the same swipe, causing him to fall on the ground hard. For this foul, he was ejected and eventually fined $35,000. This was no clean play.

Clippers' Marcus Morris, Dallas' Luka Doncic fined by NBA - Los Angeles  Times
Ashley Landis | Associated Press

Later in the game, Doncic got frustrated with a call and threw the ball in the direction of the referee. This was seen as intentionally disrespectful by the ref and prompted him to give Luka a technical foul. His hands went up in disbelief, as did many others, and before he could get ejected, he calmed himself down. He was still fined $15,000 for the incident.

This is a representation of just how hard fought and chippy this series was. Los Angeles went on to win game six and move forward in this years playoffs while Luka and the Mavericks got sent home packing.

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