Chris Paul Says That He Is “Built” for the Clutch


The Thunder took down the Rockets in an electrifying game six win lead by Chris Paul’s stellar performance down the wire.

Down six, with 3:40 to play, the Thunder were down six points, all signs pointed to a Thunder trip home, but Paul was ready. Paul scored eight of the Thunder’s last twelve points and hit two big contested threes which lead to the Thunder sending the series to a game seven.

Paul said during his post game interview that “some people are built for it, and some people shy away from it” referring to the clutch minutes where he dominated.


Others NBA players praised Paul’s performance. Some big names included Bulls star, Zach Lavine, and basketball great, Isaiah Thomas.

Chris Paul and the Thunder will look to win game seven in hopes of moving on to the second round to face off with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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