WWE Smackdown Results – 8/28/20


Video Credit: wwe.com

Intercontinental Championship Match – Matt Hardy © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Both wrestlers went back and forth throughout the beginning of the match. Eventually, Hardy connects with a knee and hits a Twist of Fate. He follows up with a senton and pins Nakamura for the win. After the match, Sami Zayn’s music hits and he has returned after missing nearly five months of action. Zayn claims that he is the true Intercontinental Champion and kicks Hardy in the head. Matt Hardy wins via. pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship – Grade C+


Shorty G vs. Matt Riddle

Before the match vs. Shorty G, Matt Riddle calls out King Corbin for a match. Shorty G, however, attacks Riddle from behind. The two men then exchanged blows, but the match was quick. Riddle hits a Bro Derek for the win. Corbin tried to take out Riddle, but it didn’t work. Corbin, later in the night, announced that he will fight Matt Riddle, this Sunday, at Payback. Matt Riddle wins via. pinfall – Grade C

Bayley and Sasha Banks Deliver One Final Promo Before Payback

Banks seems to get angry at Bayley but she says that Bayley is still her best friend. She was starting to talk more but Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax interrupt her. Baszler and Jax take shots at eachother, but do stay they will beat Bayley and Banks up.

Braun Strowman vs. Drew Gulak

This match was another quick one. Strowman completely dominated the whole time. He finished Gulak off with a running powerslam. Afterwards, he signed the contract for the No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship. The match will take place at Payback. Strowman was the second of the three wrestlers to sign the contract, after Bray Wyatt signed it earlier in the night for “The Fiend.” Braun Strowman wins via. pinfall – Grade D+ 

Kalisto vs. Cesaro

Kalisto held his own against “The Swiss Cyborg.” Kalisto, a member of The Lucha Houseparty, was able to wrestle down Cesaro and go for a couple of pins, but Cesaro just outpowered once again. The other members of “The Lucha Houseparty” rush down to the ring to take out Shinsuka Nakamura, who is at ringside, but it distracts Kalisto. Cesaro is able to roll him up for the win. Cesaro wins via. pinfall – Grade D+

Big E and Heavy Machinery vs. Sheamus, The Miz, and John Morrison

Sheamus did nothing during the match other than ringing the bell to cause a distraction. Due to the incident with Sheamus, The Miz and John Morrison begin to beat down Tucker, of Heavy Machinery. Eventually, Sheamus exits the match, and Big E is able to take over for his team. He beats down The Mix with a couple of belly-to-belly suplexs’ and a splash. Big E hits a euronagi but Morrison breaks it up. Otis, enters the matchup, and throws Morrison around as Big E starts to regain strength. Big E returns and hits a Big Ending to The Miz, securing the win. Big E and Heavy Machinery win via. pinfall – Grade B

Roman Reigns Aligns Himself with a Familiar Face

Roman Reigns is the last person to sign the contract. He reads over it and says, “I will win back the Universal Championship that I never lost in the first place. That is not just a prediction, that’s a spoiler.” The camera then turns to Paul Heyman, who has said the exact spoiler line before. Reigns says he won’t sign the contract but will be at Payback.

Payback will be the final paper-view for the month of August. The show will be the first match that Roman Reigns takes part in, since he opted out of the Universal Championship match at Wrestlemania.

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