NBA Votes to Resume NBA Season


Amidst the protests and boycotts in Orlando, the NBA has decided that they will in fact resume this season and crown a champion. Games scheduled for today, August 27th, will still be postponed, with games likely to resume tomorrow. With all of the doubt about whether players would decide to boycott the entire season, this is great news for NBA fans and basketball can continue to bring happiness and hope to fans during one of the toughest periods of time, especially in America, in years.

Lakers, Clippers vote to cancel rest of playoffs; other teams votes to  continue
Kurt Hellin – NBC Sports

History was made yesterday as games from four professional sports leagues were boycotted due to not only the recent shooting of Jason Blake, but the countless other moments of social injustice and police brutality in America. MLS, WNBA, NBA and MLB all had players and teams decide to boycott their scheduled games, to raise awareness and prove that justice is so much more important than the sports we watch.

With the season continuing, we will get to see some of the highly anticipated matchups we have been waiting for. Raptors vs. Celtics, Lakers vs. Clippers, Bucks vs. Heat. However, we must not let the season resuming distract us from the reason it stopped.


The brutality and injustice can not continue, and just because the players continue to play, or one officer gets reprimanded, does not mean anything is solved. Everyone must work together to ensure genuine justice for all who are affected by what continues to happen every day.

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