Chris Paul Proves Why He’s a Leader On and Off the Court


In wake of the altercation between Jacob Blake and the police where Jacob Blake was shot 7 times, Chris Paul decided it was time to not just say what needs to happen, but do what needs to happen.

After the Thunder and the Rockets agreed to boycott game 5 of their first-round series, Paul showed why he was a leader for his team both in games, and away from games.

Paul not only encouraged, but made sure that his fellow Oklahoma City Thunder teammates registered to vote after the boycott.


Paul showed how he can be leader in social change he believes to be necessary because the only true way to spur change is in the ballot box.

Paul has been a leader for years on a team, but he never connected with the players quite like this and it’s an amazing feat to see how close the players are as a team.

This article does not take any political stance on the issue.

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