The Milwaukee Bucks Refuse to Take Court Against Magic; Demand Change


The Milwaukee Bucks have decided not to take the court for game 5 against the Orlando Magic in the first round of this year’s playoffs.

The reason being the unjust shooting of Jacob Blake, an african-american man who lives in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Bucks so called “backyard.” The idea of boycotting playoff games  due to this horrible incident came from reports earlier this week about the Toronto Raptors considering not playing in game one against the Boston Celtics.

Blake, the victim of this horrific event, is reported to be paralyzed because of the injuries sustained during the shooting. This sort of injustice put the wheels in motion for Milwaukee’s decision today. 


While history is being made, it’s important for everyone to understand the overall message the Bucks are trying to send: these injustices need to stop. 

The Magic are reportedly not accepting the Bucks forfeit. Which means this game, along with every other game scheduled today, will be postponed. They will be rescheduled by the NBA. As more and more information becomes available, it will be relayed.

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