Ben Simmons Signs with Faze


Philadelphia 76ers star point guard Ben Simmons has signed with Faze.

Faze is one of, if not the most, famous gaming organizations of all-time. As they have grown bigger, so have their variety of people in which they sign. Starting out with just gamers, Faze has slowly delved into signing players from professional sports leagues around the world. Ranging from the NFL to the NBA, they are slowly expanding their brand all across the globe.

Simmons is not the first athlete to sign with this infamous gaming organization. JuJu Smith-Shuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers is one of their most famous signings of all-time.


Simmons spends his time playing one of the most glorified games to ever grace the Earth, Call of Duty. Along with a bit of PUBG and 2K, he streams these video games once in a while to a live audience on the platform Twitch.

Photo: Faze Clan

As video games become more and more integrated within the professional athletics world, don’t be surprised if many other athletes follow Ben Simmons and sign with gaming organizations.

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