Mike Trout autograph sells for nearly $4 million at auction


Not too long ago we saw the record be broken for most expensive basketball card sold at an auction. It happened to be a rookie autograph of Lebron James that sold for $1.8 million dollars (USD).

Very shortly after, we just witnessed a record shattering deal made on a Mike Trout rookie autograph.

Mike Trout is considered by many as the best baseball player in the major league, but nobody quite thought a card could fetch this kind of money despite it being that of a household name.


previously holding the record for most expensive baseball card sold at an auction, the 1909 T-206 Honus Wagner sold for in around $3.1 million dollars.

Orlando Ramirez | USA TODAY SPORTS

The Mike Trout Bowman Chrome rookie “Superfractor” just sold for 800K more than the previous record, as it sold for over $3.9 million dollars at a recent auction.

The identity of the seller was kept undisclosed and was not released to the general public.

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