PUMA Releases Two New Colorways of the RS-Dreamer: ‘Concrete Jungle’ and ‘Purple Heart’.


Popular shoe brand Puma has announced the release of two new colorways for their RS-Dreamer shoes named ‘Concrete Jungle’ and ‘Purple Heart’.

The ‘Purple Heart’ design is evidently inspired by the Los Angeles Lakers. The LA purple and gold is a reminder to all to always dream big and pursue those dreams.

Photo: Puma

For the ‘Concrete Jungle’ color way, the inspiration comes from street courts and more of the “street ball” type of play that almost every basketball player has started out doing. Popular artist J. Cole wore these to All-Star Weekend in February.

Photo: Puma

Both shoes sport Puma’s Hoop Tech design (comparable to a ProFoam Midsole) and emulate J. Cole’s “Dreamer” emblem.

These new shoe colorways will be worn by NBA and WNBA players during their on court games. Two notable names who will be wearing the ‘Purple Heart’ colorway are Laker’s starters and Puma hoop athletes Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma.

The expected price being $125, both the RS-Dreamer ‘Purple Heart’ colorway and ‘Concrete Jungle’ colorway will release this Friday, August 21st at 10:00 AM EST. These will be sold exclusively on Footlocker.com, Puma.com and only a select few Puma and Footlocker stores.

These new colorways may just be the kicks of the summer.

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