Nuggets Barely Take Game 1 in Overtime Against the Short-Handed Jazz


Although technically a victory for Denver, Utah was the team that gained the attention.

Despite being down Mike Conley and Ed Davis, they managed to force overtime against the Nuggets, now the second game of two where these opponents went into overtime.

Donovan Mitchell was an absolute monster today. Mitchell scored 57 points on 19-33 shooting and 6-15 from deep. He was absolutely fantastic and was a huge part of why the Jazz managed to force overtime.


It wasn’t enough, however.

In overtime, the Nuggets won 125-115 with Jamal Murray leading the charge.

Murray scored 36 points on 13-20 shooting and 6-9 from deep, and he nailed some clutch shots to put the game away in overtime.

“It was a good battle. It was a fun game, it was a really fun game,” Murray said after the game.

Murray had help from Nikola Jokic who scored 29 points on 11-21 shooting and 4-7 from deep.

The two of them are a well-known dynamic duo who are ready to break their glass ceiling and finally push into the Conference Finals.

To do that, they’re going to have to take out the Jazz first, and if this game is any implication, it’s not going to be easy. We are in for a fun series.

Game 2 will be on Wednesday at 4:00 PM

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