Jim Boylen and the Chicago Bulls Depart Ways

Cover Image Credits: Associated Press

Jim Boylen has been relieved of his duties as the Chicago Bulls head coach.

This decision comes after Boylen’s second year of coaching this Bulls team. With an overall record of 39-84, he goes down as one of the worst coaches the franchise has ever had. Not only did the team lose many games, Boylen was on bad terms with a plethora of players, most notably Zach LaVine.


Arturas Karnisovas (Chicago’s Executive VP) made a statement addressing the matter. 

“After doing a comprehensive evaluation and giving the process the time it deserved, I ultimately decided that a fresh approach and evolution in leadership was necessary…” 

Whether this is the veteran coach’s last stint in the NBA or not is unforeseen but the Chicago Bulls will certainly be looking for someone to help develop their young players.

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