Luka Doncic Says This Player Should be a Most Improve Player Finalist Instead of Him


Feature Image Credit: Andy Lions/Getty Images

NBA awards finalists have been announced. The top three in each category are all set.

The Most Improved Player category is always one of the best awards. It shows how a player broke out and became a completely different player over the course of one season.


Two of the finalists were excellent choices. Brandon Ingram and Bam Adebayo have both played phenomenal basketball and have every right to be finalists.

One player, however, isn’t as good a fit, and he knows it too.

Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic is the third finalist, and although he has been incredible this year, he was incredible last year too.

Don’t get me wrong, Luka has definitely improved this year, but the award is MOST Improved Player, not Improved Player.

Luka understands this as well and believes that someone else should be in consideration instead of him: Devonte Graham

“Who votes in this?… Take me off the list and put Devonte Graham on there. I don’t deserve to be on there.” Luka said after realizing he was a finalist.

Graham more than deserves to be a finalist for this. Last season he averaged just 4.7 points per game while shooting 34.3% from the field and 28.1% from deep. This season, he is averaging 18.2 points per game on 38.2% shooting and 37.3% from deep, however he attempts many more threes than twos so his field goal percentage isn’t all that bad.

Graham was the front-runner for the award for a good portion of the regular season, but since he’s on the Hornets, the hype kind of died down.

Regardless, Graham more than deserves to be a finalist and the NBA is not doing him justice.

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