Boston Celtics Firing on All Cylinders in Absolute Destruction of the Defending Champions


The Boston Celtics won today’s game 122-100, and that wasn’t even close to showing just how much of a blowout this game really was.

At one Point, the Celtics made a 109-69 lead and after that, they took their foot off the gas a bit.

For the Celtics, 7 players (3 off the bench) scored double-digits. Their top scorer was Jaylen Brown.


Brown scored 20 points on 7-14 shooting and 4-8 from deep. He also pulled in 6 rebounds that game.

Daniel Theis also had himself a great game. Despite only scoring 11 points, he got himself a double-double with another 11 rebounds and he dished out 3 assists.

Jayson Tatum also scored a solid 18 points while Kemba Walker also got 17.

For the Raptors, no player scored more than 13 points. Fred Vanvleet scored that, being the only one to beat 11. Vanvleet shot 4-14 and 1-6 from deep.

The entire Raptors team was absolutely humiliated today, but have already established how dangerous they can be.

The Celtics next play the Magic at 5:00 on Sunday

The Raptors next play the Grizzlies at 2:00 on Sunday

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