Draymond Wants Devin Booker on the Warriors


Draymond Green and the Warriors’ season is over, but that’s not stopping Green from getting on TV.

In a recent episode of Inside the NBA, Draymond Green made an appearance and discussed basketball with the cast.

One player that came up was Phoenix Suns superstar Devin Booker who is currently leading the Suns as the last remaining NBA team to have zero losses in the bubble.


Draymond took note of Booker’s play and said this about it on Inside the NBA:

“Get my man out of Phoenix.” Draymond said. “It’s not good for him it’s not good for his career.”

After giving his rant about Booker in Phoenix, Ernie asks Draymond, “Are you tampering?” to which Draymond replied: “Maybe.”

“Get my man out of Phoenix” may have a more specific motivation. There are two options:

The first option is that he wants Booker to join the Warriors, however, with both Thompson and Wiggins at the wing, it’s unlikely.

The second, and much more interesting, option is that Draymond may be setting up a potential trade. After Curry and Klay left him to fend for himself on the Warriors, his reputation went down a bit as he was unable to help the Warriors win games. So what if Draymond is setting up some trades to get him and Booker on the same team?

Remember, he didn’t deny the fact that he was tampering so it’s possible that he’s been pulling some strings behind the table.

There was some talk a while ago about Karl Anthony-Towns, D’Angelo Russell, and Devin Booker joining forces, and maybe Draymond wants in on that too with the Timberwolves.

With so many stars in the bubble, a superteams are bound to make a return. It’s only a matter of time. We will see what comes of this soon.

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