LeBron James Believes Trump Should Not be Watching Basketball


After the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, America has been completely divided. Half of Americans believe that America is a great country worth respecting, as shown by Jonathan’s Isaac’s massive jersey sales, while the other half believe America has a lot of work to do to earn their respect.

In the NBA, they are pretty unified on the fact that America has work to do, and went out of their way to show it. For Black Lives matter, the NBA has made shirts, but their logo on the court, made ‘Coaches for social justice’ pins, allowed players to put social justice messages on their jerseys, and made countless commercials about social justice.

These haven’t been as controversial, but the one that has been, is kneeling for the national anthem. Ex-NFL Quarterback Collin Kaepnerik began doing that, but was kicked out of the NFL.


Now, nearly the entire NBA has decided to kneel with a few exceptions.

Although the NBA is unified, many outside of it disagree with kneeling for the anthem, including the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Trump said that it’s ‘disgraceful’ that NBA players would kneel for the anthem, to which LeBron had some words.

‘Tryna make me laugh right now? I appreciate that.’ LeBron said in response to Trump claiming that he has done the most for the black community since Abraham Lincoln.

‘I really don’t think the basketball community are sad about losing his viewership, him viewing the game.’ LeBron said after hearing Trump won’t watch the NBA.

He refused to say anything else about Trump, a smart move, as he knows he could receive backlash for it.

LeBron and Trump have never like each other. LeBron has went as far as to call the president a ‘bum.’

Odds are, Trump and James will never get along and this was just another in a long line of incidents between the two.

With the November election inching closer and closer, we will see what will happen.

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