Nick Wass | Associated Press

Memphis Grizzlies forward, Jaren Jackson Jr, has sadly suffered a left meniscus tear and will be out for the rest of the season.

The Grizzlies are 0-3 in the bubble and Jackson Jr has been a crucial asset to them. Losing the forward will be very costly for Memphis as they are attempting a playoff push in the Orlando bubble. This will make things a lot more difficult as Jackson Jr was averaging 25.3 points in the three games the Grizzlies have had in Orlando. On the season, “JJJ” averaged around 18 points and 5 rebounds and was proving to be a promising young star in the NBA.

A tear in the meniscus can take 5-8 weeks to heal and Jackson Jr has had injury problems in his left knee in the past. In February, he suffered a left knee sprain in a game against the Lakers, so The Memphis Grizzlies will definitely take precautions and wait for him to fully heal before bringing him back on the court.

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