13 Cardinals Test Positive: 4 Game Series Against Detroit Postponed

Christian Gooden/St. Louis Post

    The St. Louis Cardinals have 13 members that have tested positive as of Monday. Those infected include 7 staff members and 6 players. On Saturday, there are reports of a handful of players and staff that went to a casino in Minnesota, and likely became infected there.

The club headed to Milwaukee over the weekend intending to play the Brewers for their home opening series. After hearing of positive tests, the entire series along with the Cardinals’ next series against the Tigers has been postponed.

This is the second instance where games have been cancelled due to positive tests. The Miami Marlins had 21 positive cases, and are in the middle of a self-quarantine stage themselves. With now two teams having been infected, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred warns the league of a possible shutdown. Manfred blames the players for the team outbreaks, but nobody can surely know how or where players contracted the virus.

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