WWE Smackdown Results – 7/31/20

Picture Credit: WWE

Intercontinental Championship Match – AJ Styles Styles ( c ) vs. Gran Metalik

Styles started off fast by hitting Metalik with lots of heavy strikes. Eventually, Metalik sends Styles to the outside of the ring but Styles rolls back in. Both men take shots at each other’s legs. Back in the ring, Metalik rolls Styles up and goes for the cover, but only receives a two count. The member of the Lucha House Party, then hits a DDT and goes for the win but Styles kicks out at two. Metalik then hits a Missle Dropkick but once again Styles kicks out at two. He then hits an Inzeguri, but doeasn’t gain any momentum. Syles rolls Metalik to the middle of the ring and locks in the Calf Crusher submission. Gran Metalik is forced to tap-out. AJ Styles wins via. submission to retain the Intercontinental Championship – Grade B

King Corbin vs. Drew Gulak


Gulak attacks Corbin from behind before the match forcing the referee to start early. Gulak begins with the fast offense and a couple of dropkicks. His momentum is quickly stopped because of a Deep Six delivered from Corbin. Matt Riddle’s music hits and he attempts to distract Corbin, and Gulak goes for the pin but only receives a two count. Corbin then hits the End of Days for the win. Riddle then tries to attack Corbin but Short G comes out from the back and takes out Riddle. King Corbin wins via. pinfall – Grade B-

Big E vs. The Miz 

Big E, of The New Day, now is a single competitor as Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are both out with injuries. Big E keeps up that New Day feel in the match-up but is disrespected by The Miz and throws him outside of the ring. Big E delivered some shots and then throws The Miz back into the ring. However, John Morrison, The Miz’s tag team partner,  attacks Big E from behind without the referee seeing. The Miz then tries to hit a neck breaker but Big E counters and lands multiple Belly to Belly’s. Big E then hits a splash. Eventually, The Miz gains some momentum but John Morrison tries to interfere, the referee sees it and ejects him from ringside. Big E then tries to roll up The Miz but can finish him off. Big E then locks in the Stretch Muffler submission and The Miz taps out. Big E wins via. submission – Grade B

Naomi vs. Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans gains an early edge over Naomi in the match. She takes Naomi outside of the ring and starts to wear her down. Eventually, she tries to tie up Naomi’s hair to the top rope but it’s unsuccessful. Naomi dodges a Women’s Right from Evans and rolls her up and gets the win. Naomi wins via. pinfall – Grade C

Sony Deville beats down Mandy Rose 

The two women return after a few weeks but the return doesn’t favor Rose. The former tag team, Fire and Desire, continue their feud. Deville beats down Rose and cuts a bunch of Rose’s hair off. 

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match – Bayley ( c ) vs. Nikki Cross

Cross starts off the match really fast connected a plethora of moves to the champion. Bayley, however, would gain momentum and start to target the “worn down” rib off Cross. Cross then counters and sends Bayley into the ring post. She then hits a Crossbody to take out Bayley outside of the ring. Back in the ring Cross takes down Bayley and goes for the cover, but the champ kicks out at two. Cross then hits a suplex but the Bayley kicks out a two again. Cross then hits a tornado DDT and heads up to the top rope. She connects with a Crossbody but Bayley reverses and goes for the pin but Cross kicks out. Both competitors kick out of a series of covers. Bayley then slams Cross face-first into the mat for the win. Bayley wins via. pinfall to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship – Grade B+

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt attacks Alexa Bliss 

After the Smackdown Women’s Championship match, Nikki Cross pushes Alexa Bliss, her tag-team partner, down and leaves the ring. The screen then goes dark and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt is in the ring with Bliss. “The Fiend” then attacks Bliss as the show ends in a shocking fashion.

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