The Pistons Buy the Suns G-League Team


The Detroit Pistons have bought the Suns G-League Team, the Northern Arizona Suns. The team will be rebranded and are planning on playing in an arena on the campus of Wayne State University starting in the 2021-22 season.

The Pistons current G-League affiliate, the Grand Rapids Drive will play through the 2020-21 G-League season the same and so will the Northern Arizona Suns.

Suns GM, James Jones, said in a statement:


“Ownership and management of the Northern Arizona Suns does not align with the Phoenix Suns’ strategic plan for player development over the next three-to-five years”

In addition to playing at Wayne State University, the team will work with the administration at the University in order to internships and programs in the fields of sports marketing, community relations, physical therapy, and others.

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