Rapper J. Cole Reportedly Getting NBA Ready


Rumours are swirling around that legendary music artist J. Cole wants to play in the NBA. Master P has come out and stated that the rapper is seriously training for a pro basketball career.

In the past, videos of the rap artist playing basketball have surfaced. These videos not only show his wide array of skill, but a good understanding of the game itself. This mostly comes from his previous encounters with basketball, which started at a young age.

Photo: Dominique Oliveto/Getty Images

Cole actually taught himself the game of basketball, believe it or not. With a little help from his brother, he learned the ins and outs while playing recreationally.


He played two years of high school varsity basketball as a forward before eventually going to St. Johns University. Although not for basketball, Cole certainly had playing in the back of his mind.

In his sophomore year of college, he tried out for the basketball team. Although he ended up not making it onto the final roster, he was one of the 10 kids that they called back before making their final decision.

Seemingly, that is where his basketball career came to a close. Now, there is news going around that he is chasing after the ultimate basketball feat: making the NBA.

Although slim, the chance of him actually making the league has the basketball world shook. The fact that one of the greatest lyricists of all time may actually go up against LeBron James has plenty of people thinking of the possibilities.

Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

A team that could use the publicity and any help they can get (Cough, Charlotte Hornets, Cleveland Cavaliers) may just sign the 35 year old, 6’2″ J. Cole. Of course, he would have to change his position from forward to guard but seeing his handles proves that this transition would be very smooth.

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