Meyers Leonard Explains Why he Stood During the National Anthem


Miami Heat center, Meyers Leonard, stood during the national anthem before the Heat’s game against the Nuggets. Leonard was the only player on the court to stand during the national anthem before the game.

Leonard explained why he stood for the national anthem to Marc J. Spears after the game:

“I think I can be a beacon of light … not only for my voice or platform and action, but in everything I’m doing”


“I certainly support Black Lives Matter. … I am very aware of what is going on. But I can be both. My patriotism runs deep”

Leonard’s said that he struggled to figure out what he wanted to do during the anthem. Leonard described his struggles to Spears:

“I haven’t slept. I’m a zombie right now. It’s been difficult because the truth of the matter is I have a loving heart, very compassionate and I’m very aware of what is happening in America today and what has been going on for many years”

Leonard ultimately chose to stand while wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt during the anthem.

Kevin C. Cox / Associated Press
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