WWE Smackdown Results – 7/24/20


Sasha Banks and Bayley Promo

Friday Night Smackdown starts off with Sasha Banks and Bayley cutting a promo about greatness. The Women’s Tag Team Champions talk about how great they are and how they hold all women’s championships, despite Banks not technically being the Raw Women’s Champion. Banks and Bayley state it’s the start of a new era, “The Era of Sasha Banks and Bayley.” Nikki Cross’ music hits and out comes the crazy Cross and, her tag-team partner, Alexa Bliss. Cross wants another shot at Bayley’s Smackdown Women’s Championship after Banks interfered in the match. Bayley accepts the challenge, but Cross will have to beat Bliss. Whoever wins will face Bayley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship next week. 

Nikki Cross vs. Alexa Bliss 


The match begins with both women trying to wrestle down one another. Eventually, Bliss takes down Cross and goes for the cover, but Cross kicks out at two. Cross goes for the take down and the pin but Bliss kicks out at one. Bliss and Cross now even in the match up, try to wrestle down one another again. Cross tosses Bliss to the mat just before the commercial. After the commercial, both wrestlers are up and Bliss goes for two consecutive DDTs but they are both unsuccessful with Cross reversing the second one. Cross takes Bliss down and hits the bulldog. She pulls Bliss just outside the ring but isn’t fast enough as Bliss hits two punches getting out of trouble. Bliss pushes Cross into Sasha Banks and Bayley, who are doing commentary, before another commercial. Back from the commercial, Cross and Bliss are back in the ring and reverse each other’s moves. Bliss then kicks Cross in the ribs. Cross rolls out of the ring, takes a breather, and then rolls back in. Bliss uses two double-knee drops on Cross and goes for the cover, but Cross kicks out at two. Bliss takes Cross to the corner and drops her on her head. Bliss starts to wrestle Cross down on the mat, tiring her out. Cross reverses and hits Bliss with the chin breaker and gains momentum. Bliss counters with a DDT and goes for the cover. Cross kicks out at two and reverses and pins Bliss, but only for another two count. Cross misses the crossbody but then goes for the cover and pins Bliss for the win. Nikki Cross wins via. pinfall – Grade B 

Firefly Funhouse Promo

To start off this week’s episode of the Firefly Funhouse, a video package from Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman’s Swamp Fight is shown. After the video package, Wyatt talks about the fight and briefly about the history between him and Strowman when they were both part of the Wyatt family. Wyatt lets the WWE universe know that Strowman is doing fine after the fight. He finishes the episode off by saying, “The Fiend has been unleashed.”

Matt Riddle vs. Tony Nese

Riddle starts off the match by locking in a waist lock and connecting with two suplexes. He goes for the cover but Nese kicks out. Nese slides out of the ring and flips over the top rope hitting Riddle. Nese goes for the win, however, Riddle kicks out at two. Riddle throws Nese into the middle of the ring and connects with a pele kick. Riddle goes for his finisher, Bro Derek, and lands it covering Nese and winning. After the match, Riddle calls out King Corbin. Corbin appears from the back and rejects Riddle. Corbin begins to call Riddle a frat boy with no shoes on and to go back to NXT. Nese back in the equation attempts to attack Riddle from behind but is kicked. Matt Riddle wins via pinfall – Grade B-  

Miz TV Special Guest Naomi

Before Naomi comes out, The Miz and John Morrison start making jokes about Seth Rollins puking after his match vs. Rey Mysterio last Sunday. After the jokes, The Miz starts to introduce Naomi. He mentions the #naomideservesbetter that trended on Twitter. This hashtag trended after the karaoke battle that disrespected the women’s division. Naomi spoke out about the battle, on twitter, and started to trend. Naomi’s music hits and she heads down to the ring. She begins to talk about motivation, but The Miz starts to take jabs at Naomi. He mentions that she hasn’t won a match in a while and starts taking more shots at her. Lacey Evans, who was also in the karaoke battle, music starts and she then heads down to the ring. Evans begins to show off and Naomi attacks her from behind, setting up a match between the two next week. 

Fatal 4-Way Match: Gran Metalik vs. Lince Dorado vs. Drew Gulak vs. Shorty G

All four members of the match are fast-moving and often reverse or counter many opponents’ moves. Everyone in the match starts to wrestle down one another. Gulak and Dorado end up outside of the ring. Gulak slams Dorado outside of the ring and attempts to get back in but Metalik takes him out. Shorty G and Gulak end up back in the ring, but Shorty G sends Gulak into the mat. Shorty G then throws Gulak outside of the ring. Metalik and Shorty G begin to go at it. Gulak and Shorty G begin to kick down Metalik. Dorado, back in the mix, goes to the top rope but is pushed by Gulak. Shorty G picks up Gulak and tosses him over the top rope and outside of the ring. Shorty G tosses Dorado out of the ring, but here comes Metalik. Metalik delivers the elbow drop on Shorty G and gets the win. Gran Metalik wins via. pinfall over Short G and will face AJ Styles for the Intercontinental Championship next week. – Grade C+

Main Event: Bar Fight – Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy

Sheamus enters the bar first and then comes Jeff Hardy. They begin to talk and then Hardy makes a reference to his brother, Matt Hardy, who is no longer with WWE. Sheamus calls Jeff Hardy a “pathetic junky” and Hardy proceeds to throw a beer at the “Celtic Warrior,” Sheamus. The two then begin to fight and Hardy starts with a couple of punches but Sheamus reverses. He slams Hardy onto the counter and drags him through beer and glasses. Sheamus then asks the bartender for a beer but Hardy jumps off the counter and takes Sheamus out. The two then end up in the hallway and Hardy is hit with a barrel and is slammed into the wall. He is then hit by a door and dragged into a bathroom. Sheamus puts Hardy’s face into a urinal and flushes it. Hardy counters and elbows Sheamus. Hardy then throws Sheamus into a stall and walks back into the hallway. Hardy gets a ladder and hits Sheamus with it. Sheamus then grabs Hardy and throws him into a drum set. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Hardy throws a drum at the leg and stops the momentum of the “Celtic Warrior.” Hardy hits the Twist of Fates and attempts to go for the win from the top of the ladder, but the bartender attacks Hardy from behind. Hardy reverses it and powerbombs the bartender through a table. Sheamus hits Hardy knocking him out and lays his hat on his face. Sheamus then takes the hat off of Hardy’s face but the face pain of Hardy is now on. Hardy goes to the top of the ladder and hits a diving senton and goes for the cover and secures the win. Jeff Hardy wins via. pinfall  – Grade B

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