WWE NXT Results – July 22nd, 2020


NXT Champion and North American Champion Keith Lee makes a huge announcement

On behalf of General Manager William Regal, NXT Champion and North American Champion Keith Lee will relinquish the North American Championship. Lee said, “At this point in time, I’ll be relinquishing the North American Championship. It’s not an easy decision but it’s an effort to make sure that other people get the same opportunities I had.” GM Regal announces that there will be a series of Triple Threat matches leading up to a North American Championship Ladder Match at NXT: Takeover 30.

Dexter Lumis vs. Killian Dain –


The first match of the night features Dexter Lumis who just finished a feud with Roderick Strong, of the Undisputed Era. Dain has recently had interactions with Robert Stone, of the Robert Stone Brand. The match starts off fast with Lumis taking multiple shoulder tackles from Dain. Lumis then dodges the tackle and uses his mysterious craw to stop Dain’s momentum. Dain then takes a couple blows to the head but then counters and sends Lumis to the outside of the ring. Lumis proceeds to get beaten down before he ends up back in the ring. Lumis, out of it, gets hit with a leg drop from the second rope. The creepy Dexter Lumis, finally gets back on his feet and counters Dain’s move with a spinebuster. Lumis now has the edge over Dain and hits a suplex. Lumis goes for the cover but Dain kicks out at two. Lumis attempts to hit a senton from the top rope but misses. Dain reverses the move and hits a leg drop, a cannonball, and an elbow drop and goes for the cover, but Lumis kicks out at two. Lumis then takes momentum in the match hitting the senton and then puts a submission move on Dain for the win. Dexter Lumis wins via submission – Grade B

Ever Rise vs. Breezango –

We now get into some tag-team action with Ever Rise and Breezango. Tyler Breeze starts for Breezango and begins playing mind games with both members of Ever Rise. Chase Parker, from Ever Rise, reverses and attacks Breeze from behind. Ever Rise now has the edge over Breezango. Breeze tags in Fandango who starts off very fast by hitting many chops and a back body drop. Fandango then tags in Breeze and Breezango proceeds to double superkick Ever Rise. Tyler Breeze goes for the pin and gets the win. Breezango wins via pinfall – Grade B-

Aliyah vs. Shotzi Blackheart –

The first and surprisingly only women’s match of the night features Aliyah, of the Robert Stone Brand, taking on Shotzi Blackheart. Blackheart starts with the momentum and connects with a reverse senton from the top rope. Aliyah’s manager, Robert Stone, distracts Blackheart and Aliyah takes over. She goes for the cover but Blackheart kicks out at two. Blackheart reverses Aliyah’s move and pins the member of The Robert Stone Brand but kicks out at one. Blackheart keeps up the energy and proceeds to pin Aliyah but the match isn’t over. Aliyah counters and goes for another pin, but uses the rope to help. However, the referee sees what Aliyah is doing and stops the count. Blackheart now has time and reverses Aliyah’s move and drops her on her neck. Blackheart goes to the top rope and lands the diving senton for the win. After the match, Mercedez Martinez blindsides Blackheart with a kick. Later in the night, Martinez would join The Robert Stone Brand. Shotzi Blackheart wins via pinfall – Grade B-

North American Championship Triple Threat Qualifying Match – Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong vs. Bronson Reed –

Arguably the match of the night features two former North American Champions in Johnny Gargano and Roderick Strong along with, the up and comer, Bronson Reed. Reed starts off with shoulder tackles, but Strong counters and gains leverage in the match. Gargano gets back into the match-up and hits Strong with a step up enzuigiri. Reed then gets back up and gains momentum before Strong hits him with a kick. Gargano and Strong then begin to tee off on Reed with blow, after blow, after blow in the corner. The powerhouse Reed, then delivers two head buts to Strong and Gargano. Strong then reverses and throws Reed to the outside. Strong then sets his eyes on Gargano but gets speared while Reed proceeds to get back into the ring. Reed starts attacking Strong and Gargano. Strong counters and sends Reed down, but Gargano attempts to steal the win and Reed kicks out at two. Gargano superkicks Reed to the outside and then throws Strong to the outside as well. However, Reed still has some left in the tank and jumps over the top rope taking out both Gargano and Strong. Reed picks up both competitors and sends them to the mat. Reed pins Gargano but he kicks out at two. Strong then gets back on his feet and tosses Reed to the outside of the ring after an attempted powerbomb by Gargano. Strong slams Gargano down and goes for the pin but Gargano kicks out at two again. Gargano kicks Strong and hits a DDT but Bronson Reed is on the top rope. Reed hits a splash from the top and pins Strong for the win. Bronson Reed wins via pinfall over Roderick Strong – Grade B+

Timothy Thatcher vs. Oney Lorcan –

If you like a traditional wrestling match, Thatcher and Lorcan will put it on for you. Both wrestlers are known for their technical wrestling style. Thatcher starts by taking down Lorcan, but Lorcan reverses the hold. Despite Lorcan’s reversal, Thatcher referses as well. Lorcan then counters with two chops to the chest of Thatcher. Thatcher then counters and hits a belly to belly suplex. He locks in an arm suplex and a lateral press and goes for the cover, but Lorcan kicks out. Thatcher then moves into the Bow and Arrow submission hold pinning Lorcan’s shoulders on the mat, but Lorcan kicks out. Lorcan then connects with a European uppercut and locks in the armbar. Lorcan goes for the win but Thatcher kicks out at two. Thatcher rolls up Lorcan for a three count and the win. Thatcher wins via pinfall – Grade B

Main Event: Karrion Kross vs. Dominic Dijakovic

The final match of the night and the main event features two powerful men in Karrion Kross and Dominic Dijakovic. The match begins with both men trying to outpower one another. Kross eventually hits Dijakovic and takes the advantage. Dijakovic uses his strength to push Kross to the corner. He attempts to hit Feast Your Eyes but Kross reverses. However, Dijakovic uses his own reversal and sends Kross to the outside. Kross is sent into the plexiglas, outside the ring, and is hit with a kick. Kross gets back into the ring and connects with two kicks and a DDT. He then wrestles down Dijakovic and hits the Doomsday Sieto. After some time on the mat, Dijakovic gets back up and hits Kross a couple of times. Kross is then thrown to the corner. Dijakovic choke slams Kross and goes for the win, but Kross kicks out at two. Dijakovic throws Kross to the outside of the ring and flips over the top rope taking out Kross. However, Kross gets back up and sends Dijakovic into the steel steps. Kross kicks the steps, knocking out Dijakovic. He picks up Dijakovic and puts him in the ring. The NXT Champion Keith Lee appears, from the back, and walks down to the ring to help out his frenemy, Dijakovic. Kross puts Dijakovic into a submission hold while staring down Lee. Dijakovic passes out and Kross wins. Karrion Kross wins via. submission – Grade B+

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